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Anveo EDI Connect – Extension Support

Anveo EDI Connect can access fields from modules deployed as Extension starting with module version 4.00.10 and newer. It is not important that the module itself is deployed as a FOB file. Previous versions of the module cannot access any tables deployed by an Extension.

Anveo EDI Connect is currently not available as an Extension . We plan to publish the module as Extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central only. In the first step we will provide an Extension that can be used on-premise. You’ll have to change the ServiceTier to allow the .NET execution. This is planned to be available in Q2 2019. If you wish to participate in a beta program, please let us know.

We will afterwards provide a version that can be run on any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation. This is sheduled for 2019 without a final release date yet. We’re facing some challenges with how we process data in Dynamics and how to interchange data. This will still require a lot of tweaking of the module. We’ve a version running that is not ready for production as a proof of concept, but we want to give you the same functionality as with our on-premise version.