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Managed File Transfer for Anveo EDI Connect

When using Anveo EDI Connect in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online environment, there are some technical limitations imposed by Microsoft due to the cloud environment. For example, there is no local file system available, and custom libraries may not be used for security reasons. However, these are required for the data exchange of some protocols, such as FTP.
In local “on-premises” environments, we provide a complete solution with our own libraries, so that data exchange with Anveo EDI Connect can take place directly. This is not permitted in “BC Online” due to these technical limitations placed by Microsoft.

We offer two solutions for Anveo EDI Connect:

Own communication component

If you want to organize the data exchange yourself, we offer you here a template for the development of a codeunit for data transfer. This is available as an AL code template and is described here. The responsibility for the data exchange lies directly with you and must be developed for the respective desired protocols.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) for Anveo EDI Connect

Alternatively, we take over the data communication between Microsoft Dynamics and your communication partner with a service developed especially for this purpose. This means that both incoming data can be fetched from this MFT service and passed on to Microsoft Dynamics and outgoing data can be sent from Microsoft Dynamics via this service.

If you are interested in the Managed File Transfer service, please contact our EDI Support.

Terms & Conditions

The Anveo Managed File Transfer solution is a service offered by the “Anveo IT Services GmbH”. Please find more details about the terms and conditions here soon.