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Custom Communication Handler

In Anveo EDI Connect you can use custom codeunits to handle data exchange. You can choose to implement only the methods that you need and allow, for example, only sending of files.

Custom communication codeunits are supported on all version of our module. We will illustrate it based on a Dynamics Extension written in AL, but the same applies for the older development platforms.

If you’re using the Dynamics Extension version of Anveo EDI Connect, you can alternatively provide a HTTP/HTTPs service in any programming language without creating any Dynamics Extension. The API definition is available on request from our EDI support team.

Using a Custom Communication Handler

If your system has a custom communication handler, you’ll need it’s codeunit-ID to setup the communication channel. You can set it up as any integrated communication handler, but you’ll have to enter the Codeunit ID by hand. The lookup will not allow you to select your custom handler. Afterwards refresh the page and configure the channel, if neccessary by clicking on Configure.

Basic Requirements

Custom communication codeunit will get a special record “ANVEDI Format Control” from the module passed to the OnRun trigger. You’ll have to get the requested communication action from that record and call your code accordingly.



If you want to create a custom communication handler in AL, you need to add a dependency to the Anveo EDI Connect module.

The values for the OnPremise Extension are:

Please make sure, to replace x, y, z with the correct version number.

The values for the Business Central Online Extension are:

Please make sure, to replace x, y, z with the correct version number.