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Connect Partners

Before creating the first connector, let’s look at the key design of the Anveo Managed File Transfer platform. To connect external partners, you’ll need what we call connectors that support the required communication protocol. For each connector you can create one or more partners.

For example, if you have a service provider that will handle your messages for several partners through one central FTP server, you’ll create one FTP connector for that provider and create several partners to specify which files should be fetched or sent. So some of the connection information, like, for example, folders and filenames are configured at the partner level, while others are configured for the whole connection.

The partners have a code ERP field, which should match the partner code of the EDI solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This way the Anveo Managed File Transfer platform knows for outgoing files how to handle them and incoming files to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be mapped with the correct setup.