MFT / Reference / Polling Settings

Polling Settings

Depending on the protocol the MFT server needs to poll a remote server to search for new files (e.g. FTP and SFTP).

You can configure the interval in which the MFT server searches for new transmissions. You can configure this setting for each connector that supports polling.

In the connector settings you can specify the following properties:

Polling Interval

You can set whether to retrieve the files only manually, at a certian interval or at a specific time (once a day).

Please note that the setting only defines the desired behavior. The server can deviate from the settings depending on the load, omit individual points in time or execute later.

Polling at Hour (GMT)

If you want the server to retrieve the data once a day, you can set the hour in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) when the retrieval should take place. The value can be between 0 and 23. The actual retrieval time can be later, but the server will not try to retrieve data before the specified time.