Anveo Web Portal

Anveo Web Portal

The Anveo Client Suite is an add-on to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV that provides a configurable user interface and offers functions to easily map business processes to mobile devices and web portals.
The Anveo Client Suite is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics and extends it with an interface, which allows communicaton with the external clients Anveo Mobile App and Anveo Web Portal.

Flexible Tool-kit For Your Individual Solutions

The Anveo Client Suite is a very flexible tool to create individual mobile apps and web portals for Microsoft Dynamics. It has been specifically designed for partners and customers, to significantly reduce development time, meet a wide range of requirements and react quickly.

Example Applicatons For A Quick And Easy Start


The Anveo Client Suite provides templates for various scenarios such as sales and service. These templates include e. g. some Anveo Pages, that define the layout of data from Microsoft Dynamics. With Anveo Pages you can display and edit data using your Anveo Mobile App or the Anveo Web Portal. With this framework you can create Anveo Pages with just a few mouse clicks and none to little development effort.


Focus On Flexibility

With the Anveo Web Portal, all data is retrieved and written back through Microsoft Dynamics business logic, so that no redundant source code for a web-based application is required.
Thus the web-based clients serve only for preparation and display of data from Microsoft Dynamics.


The Anveo Mobile App is fully offline capable. You can create your own business processes as Anveo scripts that run on the mobile device and modify data before it is synchronized back to Microsoft Dynamics. That makes developing an own client – which uses the Anveo Client Suite – more easy.

Due to this open tool character almost any mobile app can be created. As a result, the setup and responsibility for appearance, behavior (processes) and proper synchronization is the responsibility of the end user. Only if desired and instructed, parts of the development can be handed over to other Microsoft Dynamics partners or to Anveo as service.

Two Solutions In One Product

This documentaton gives you an insight into all the functions of the Anveo Client Suite and how you can use these to develop your own solutions.
The Anveo Client Suite combines two solutions together in one product. Both are configured in same setup in Microsoft Dynamics. 

Anveo Client Suite Best Practices Guide

Beside this technical documentaton, Anveo provides a free guide including valuable informaton on how to run successful Anveo implementatons. It is absolutely required to read the guide before an implementaton to achieve successful projects. The guide is available for download at the Anveo Knowledge Base in the following chapter.