Data Clean Up

Clean Up Tasks

The function Clean up tasks on the page Anveo Setup allows you to clean up incoming and outgoing messages for mobile devices. This deletes the already processed tasks. If devices synchronize multiple times over a long period of time, cleaning up the tasks can improve system performance considerably.

Clean up SQL Delta Tables

The function Clean up SQL delta tables on the page Anveo Setup cleans up the Anveo delta tables in your system.

The Anveo delta tables store the changes to the records for each table so that they can be synchronized with the devices. There is a corresponding Anveo delta table for each of the tables used in the synchronization package.

Cleaning up the data deletes all entries that were made before the last action of the oldest device. Since the oldest device has to access the entries in the Anveo delta tables to synchronize, this restriction must be made by the function.

This means that the mobile devices should be checked before executing the function. For this purpose, the devices whose last action is older than one month can be checked in the Anveo device overview under Inactive Devices on the RoleCenter Elemet ACF Anveo Device Overview.

Note that deleted devices cannot synchronize again and all data that has not yet been synchronized is lost on the device. It is therefore important to check beforehand whether the device is still in use.  If a device from the list of inactive devices is still needed, the last action of this device can also be updated by a synchronization.

After checking the devices, the function Clean up SQL delta tables on the page Anveo Setup can be executed.