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Implementing the Cognex Barcode Scanner (iOS only)

In some business processes you might need advanced barcode scanning because the already implemented, free of charge barcode scanner does not fit your needs in regards to barcode recognition or scanning speed. For these cases you have the posibility to use the cognex barcode scanning solution. This feature is only available on iOS operating systems.


This higher quality barcode scanner must be licensed at your own costs independently from the Anveo Mobile App via Manatee / Cognex.

After receiving the license you may implement the cognex barcode scanner using the following PAGE command:

PAGE('BARCODE', Record, string FieldName,'BARCODE','MANATEE','Cognex License Key');
PAGE Command to use Cognex Scanner

Application ID:

The application ID for the Cognex implementation is: com.AnveoNAV.AnveoMobile.

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