Anveo Web Portal / Add Anveo Users / Create Anveo User

Create Anveo User

To set up a Anveo User proceed as follows:

  • Insert the Anveo User as a new record in the list of Anveo User.
  • Go to the card of the Anveo User and set a language.
  • Assign roles to the Anveo User via Roles with corresponding companies.
  • Define a password for the Anveo User.
  • Assign a main menu to the Anveo User (for each client in each case one).
  • Optional: If you use performance / security groups, assign them to the Anveo Users accordingly.
  • Optional: Assign the Anveo User a relation type and relation code, if it is to receive only a certain view of the data in the clients.
  • Synchronize the rights of the Anveo User and replicate him so that he is available in Anveo Web Store and/or Anveo Server.

After performing all the steps you can log in with the Anveo User.

If a restart of the Anveo Web Store or Anveo server is required, replicating all Anveo Users is recommended you find that function within the Anveo Setup. In Anveo Web Portal a complete replication is done automatically on users first login. However, should this take longer due to large numbers of users, the first login attempt will fail.